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The obedience of these three great men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, is a message to us today. The Holy Spirit told them not to eat the cultural diet at the King’s table but to eat fresh vegetables and water. To disobey the king in those days could easily mean death. After a while the King of Babylon noticed that they were much more healthy than those who ate at his table.


I believe that Babylon’s table today is our food chain with all it’s processed chemicals. It is hard to find food without preservatives, colourings, flavour boosters, chemical sweeteners or high temperature long life products. A group of the increase of margarine instead of butter is the identical graph of the increase of heart disease over the same period. We have been unaware that we have been poisoning our bodies for years. Our mothers had a beautiful cake with about five ingredients. Read the full post


We hear plenty about the spirit of anti-Christ but we seldom hear teaching about the spirit of Christ.

The word Christ means King or Messiah. Jesus was King of Kings and also predestined by God to be the Messiah; the only way to the Father and the spotless Lamb that destroyed the power of sin and redeemed all mankind from their sinful nature.

Jesus was His name and Christ was His title. It could be more appropriate to call Him Christ Jesus (King Jesus). The Spirit came upon Jesus as He arose from the waters of baptism. Jesus was totally surrendered to the Father. He said `Not My will be done but yours Father. It was the Spirit of Christ that taught His people at the Sermon on the Mount. The good news of the Kingdom was declared to this world by the Spirit of Christ speaking through Jesus our Messiah.

When Jesus said `Before Abraham was, I am’ it was the Spirit of Christ speaking. He was always there even at the beginning of time. Our Messiah did not come until about 2,000 years ago. He is still head of the church and very alive and active. He is not returning to earth in the physical form until His kingdom church has made disciples of every nation. He is head of His triumphant church and has an everlasting intimate agape’ love relationship with all His believers. What more could we desire than that relationship. Read the full post


If we are seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness we have resolved in our hearts to hand over our lives to God at whatever the cost. Our heart’s desire is to be in this world but not of this world. The death of the old self is our aim as the spirit man or woman takes over. This all happens through a work of God’s grace called being born of God. It is just a great miracle as the immaculate conception of Jesus. As God cuts off from the bloodline from fallen Adam (the power of sin) once and for all and forever, we are simultaneously connected into the bloodline of our heavenly Father being His nature and character.

Our journey into His Kingdom takes on a new assurance. The desire for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness consumes us. We are unable to stop talking about His Kingdom and encouraging others. Read the full post

Stepping Stones on Our Journey into God’s Kingdom

Most Christians would identify with Paul’s dilemma in Romans 7. He realised that there was the power of sin within him that prevented him from doing the good that he wanted to do. Even worse than that he found himself doing those things that he did not want to do.It is a sad conclusion that so many Christians accept this `no progress’ dilemma as a way of life even until the grave. Some even enjoy their sin and ask forgiveness each day and believe that this is their destiny until `Jesus returns’.


Paul very clearly teaches that we can reach our fulfilment right now in God’s plan and have total victory over sin, sickness and death.  Paul said, `Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus’. Our journey into God’s Kingdom means the absolute death of self. Read the full post


In the letter to the lukewarm church of Laodicea, Jesus makes it very clear how He hateslukewarmness. He would rather we be even cold than lukewarm. He has a special compassion for the deceived lukewarmers. He says, `To those I love I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent’.  One translation calls it  `the comfortable church’. I tend to call it `the easy gospel church’. It is not the gospel that Jesus taught.


Many Pentecostal-Charismatic churches have a very subtle deception to handle. They have not only forgotten about the old revival hymns which taught about the cost of surrender, but have put all their emphasis on the gifts and baptism of the Holy Spirit without the fire. The fire as experienced at Pentecost and in the great revivals included total forsaking surrender as Jesus required of His disciples. Read the full post

Deliver us from the evil one

Jesus’ prophetic words in the Lord’s Prayer are full of promises for each one of us. They were fulfilled

at the Cross and Resurrection for us all. Most would readily agree with the victory but live from day

today with a captivity mindset of sinning – forgiveness cycles. We accept a continuing battle between the flesh and the spirit until our last breath. To seek first God’s Kingdom and His

righteousness in all things and at all times seems an impossible goal.

Read the full post

A Changed Mindset

When Peter heard Jesus tell the rich young ruler to go and sell all that he had and given it to the poor he reasoned in his mind when he said, `Who then Lord can be saved? To Peter it seemed impossible to believe that even a poor or middle class person would be able to give everything away. Jesus said, `With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible’.
Peter had experienced total forsaking surrender. He was Kingdom bound but had never known of a great revival when through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and with fire, God does the impossible. As Peter left his nets he was called by the draw of agape’ love from Jesus to surrender his life to Jesus. He became a disciple at that point and even though he still had to battle with a wicked self-nature which was to be through death at Pentecost. Read the full post

Simon Do You Love Me? (John 21:15-17)

Here was Peter who had forsaken the securities of the world to follow Jesus. He was honoured by God to be an apostle. He had been discipled by Jesus for 3½ years and yet as Jesus said, was cleansed by His word but not yet entirely clean. Filio love (friendship love) enabled Peter to say the words in Matthew 26:35 `Even if I have to die with You I will not deny you’. Then Peter denied Christ three times and the rooster crowed. He wept bitterly in tears of repentance. Peter would have known that he was forgiven and soon after experienced a greater love (agape’ love-God’s love).This love enabled him to obey Jesus’ commands as shown in the boldness of his sermon after Pentecost. Read the full post