Vision of Jeremiah

Vision of Jeremiah

History is recorded and given to us so that we may learn from it, take on the blessings and avoid repeating the mistakes. Too often our pride convinces us that we have all the answers and so we become blinded to the warnings and repeat all the mistakes in precise detail.Wise parents will teach their children to be alert to all the `trappings’ of this world. The scriptures tell us to` bring up our children in the ways of the Lord and they will never depart from it’. Nations are just a multiplicity of people and the same principles apply. God had two major plans for the children of Israel. The first plan was to get the children of Israel out of Egypt and the second plan was to get `Egypt’ out of the children of Israel. The history of these plans involves many of the books of the Old Testament. The term `Egypt’ represented worldly security or `mammon’ worship as Jesus described it. He said, `We cannot worship God and mammon’. We must choose one or the other. It is a choice between the securities of the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of God.


The prophet Jeremiah could see God’s plan in great detail. He saw that the King of Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) was God’s servant (Jer. 25:9) sent for the good of the Jews. His purpose was to confiscate all their worldly security (Egypt) and take them captive far away into exile for seventy years. This was the time needed to erase their false mindset of security in Egypt and bring them back to their true security in God’s Kingdom. Whilst it was slavery for the lukewarm Jews, Jeremiah, who was walking in God’s Kingdom, was granted welfare and protection and a free pass to wherever he wished to go. Another part of God’s plan was to destroy the temple that was built by Solomon at Jerusalem. Judaism had so degenerated into a man organised, legalistic religion, that God saw fit to destroy it, until after seventy years it could be rebuilt to only a portion of its former glory. Jeremiah represents to us today, the holy church ( Kingdom church).

After Babylon’s armies broke though the walls of Jerusalem, there were four categories of treatment to the Jews.

  1. Those who resisted were killed.
  2. Those who willingly defected were treated well and taken to Babylon.
  3. Those who were captured, which were the majority, were stripped naked, tied together with cords in long lines and marched across a harsh desert to Babylon.
  4. Those who were poor and owned nothing were left behind and given the vineyards and farms to take care of.

Those who lay up their treasures in heaven (invest in the cause of the poor and needy) will be spared the captivity (like Jeremiah).


Neither Egypt or Babylon is geographic. Babylon certainly does not represent the USA as some may suggest. It might have been the home for some wealthy merchants. Today they are dispersed worldwide. Europe would be more of the centre of money control than the USA. The Asian `giant is also fast emerging. Nowadays with internet in finance one can work from the South Pole if necessary. It is the bondage of Egypt (mammon worship) that has victimized the nations and God has sent Babylon (His servant but not His anointed) to set them free.


It is interesting to note another seventy year period of history when a nation went through confiscation of all private ownership until a mindset of communal living was established. We know it as Russian communism set up by Marx and Engels in 1917 and was dismantled by Mr. Gorbechev’s perestroika program in 1987. We must learn from this history. I see it as a prelude to the coming collapse including all the nations of the world.


The purpose of this article is to encourage you to seek from God a personal revelation as to where we are heading right now in history. God wants us to see the whole plan in the same precise detail as Jeremiah saw. When you reach this revelation you will not fear when world finances totally collapse and the nations of the world enter a period of economic captivity or a season of world government dictatorship powers. The repetition of Babylonian history is so precise to every dot and comma. We are just 30 years into the plan. Just seek God’s wisdom as you read on.


An important milestone in history was about November 1981. It was at that time that God spoke to me through Ezekiel 30. `I will put My sword in the hands of the King of Babylon and he will break both the arms of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, including the one that was broken before and I will make the sword fall from His hands. I will strengthen the arms of the King of Babylon but Pharaoh will groan before him with the groanings of a mortally wounded man. Egypt will know that I am Lord’.

It all speaks of the total defeat of Egypt (the mammon god) and great power coming into the hands of the wealthy merchants of Babylon (Rev. 18) for a long season of maybe seventy years (Jer. 25:11). Each time I sought for confirmation God gave it.A very significant confirmation was in 1985 when I asked God to show me evidence of Australia’s finances from 1975-85. Within a fortnight a graph was published on the front page of the `Financial Review’. The dotted line represents spending within our equity. In late 1981 the spending suddenly crossed the dotted line and in a sudden leap into debt financing which has continued until this day. I understood that this applied to all nations at the same time.


It was around November 1981 when satellite communication commenced for money transfers. Also it was the time of floating currencies for all nations except USA. The stage was set for the ultimate dream of the money spectators. We soon heard of billionaires whilst millions of dollars were being made while we were all in bed asleep. Now after 30 years of such greed the nations have wakened out of a nightmare as hopeless debtors to the wealthy merchants. We identify these with the terms such as the multi-national World Bank, IMF, Illuminati Pyramid with the Seeing Eye, the Club of Rome, One World Government or the Square Mile of London and others. Many are confused as to who make up this so called cartel. I short cut the matter by reference to the wealthy merchants of Babylon who later lose all their wealth in one hour (Rev. 18:10).


God allows greed to generate its own downfall. A snare was set for Nebuchadnezzar. He failed to realise that a producer needs a consumer. Trade must function as a partnership between producer and consumer otherwise money has no value. The wealthy merchants of today are heading into the same snare when God has finished with them. The spirit of Babylon in Rev. 18:2 represents a habitation of demons and a prison for every foul spirit. It really means Satan and his demonic hosts which were all defeated by Jesus Christ at the Cross and became servant and slave to Him to use for the chastisement and maturing of His followers. Remember that God’s plan is to rescue the nations out of the clutches of the kingdom of darkness and into His glorious light.


For a few centuries there have been group powers who have had the ambition for world power. Think of Napoleon, Communism, Nazism, colonialism, British Empire and others. Many of these powers have made significant gains but never achieved world power. That was given by God for the first time in history in November 1981 when a group power was allowed to gain world economic control and is now almost ready for economic dictatorship rule over the nations to the four corners of the earth.


There was one time in history when God gave that power to control the nations of the known world and that was to the Roman Empire. In some respects it was a good model of government when people of a captive nation could become Roman citizens. (e.g. Apostle Paul).


These two examples are given in Rev.20 when Satan was put in chains and consigned to the abyss `so that he could no longer deceive the nations (of the known world). As the uncompromised gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ spread to the nations of the known world, Satan’s deception was broken and he was put in chains. It was the good news of the Kingdom that began and completed the downfall of the Roman Empire rule over the nations.Later on after 1000 years (which means a long time) in Rev. 20:7-10 we read that Satan was released from the abyss for a short while so that he could deceive the nations to the four corners of the earth and cause war between the nations and disrupt the church, but God intervened and cast him into the lake of fire. I believe this release for a short began in 1981. Think of all the filth and degradation that has been released in our societies in that time. The Christian heritage of our forefathers has been all but lost. Sin has abounded. Meditate on this and see what the Holy Spirit shows you. Nations have awakened from a nightmare and found themselves hopefully in debt to those ‘wealthy merchant of Babylon’.


The nations must first go into Babylonian captivity for a season of time whilst the raising up of the Bride of Christ takes place who will have the authority to go out and make disciples of every ethnic group on earth. The Bride must be sufficient in numbers and totally surrendered and matured to fulfill the Great Commission.


Over the past 400 years most of the coastal countries of mainland Europe have been colonial powers. To have a few colonies was a good investment. Greed for money even if it meant slavery was accepted practice. World War 2 seemed to bring an end to that era. The British Commonwealth brought a humane transition for some colonies and about the last remaining link with the colonial past.


Colonialism was all about world trade. In the Babylonian campaign the longest and most expensive part was to overthrow the kingdom of Tyre which was the world trade centre of that day. The whole campaign took the Babylonian army from 15- 18 years. The first parts to fall were the mainland part of Tyre and the last and most costly was the little island fortress a few kilometers off the coast.Does this island off the coast reflect Great Britain? Its Commonwealth of Nations is the last part yet to fall. Its monarchy and pound sterling still is just in tact. Cricket is probably the strongest link between the Commonwealth nations.


When Tyre collapsed so did world trade. The King of Assyria tore his clothes with frustration as he lost his money. Babylon was almost broke but Egypt, the last nation to fall, was totally broke as it had been involved in a very foolish war with the neighbouring Cyrenes (Libya today). I suspect that this foolish war, in the sense of the cost of dollars, is the war against world terrorism which conventional armies do not know how to fight. It just sends the nations broke.


World trade is ready to collapse. Only God knows when. The collapse of Egypt took place immediately after that of Tyre. Babylon conquered Egypt `without a noise’ and then confiscated all the gold and silver from Egypt and built the great golden image in Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar still had the power to keep the Jews captive but all his gold and silver was worthless without trade.Three of God’s intercessors, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego  refused to bow and worship the golden image. It was the end of God’s commission for Nebuchadnezzar who was then humbled to graze like a cow for seven years and he was later won for God’s Kingdom.


So there was hope for the wealthy merchants despite all that greed and mammon worship. As you continue to meditate upon the scriptures on God’s wonderful plan you will be equipped to bring comfort and hope to fear stricken people around you.