(John 21:15-17)

Here was Peter who had forsaken the securities of the world to follow Jesus. He was honoured by God to be an apostle. He had been discipled by Jesus for 3½ years and yet as Jesus said, was cleansed by His word but not yet entirely clean. Filio love (friendship love) enabled Peter to say the words in Matthew 26:35 `Even if I have to die with You I will not deny you’. Then Peter denied Christ three times and the rooster crowed. He wept bitterly in tears of repentance. Peter would have known that he was forgiven and soon after experienced a greater love (agape’ love-God’s love).This love enabled him to obey Jesus’ commands as shown in the boldness of his sermon after Pentecost.


We need to love Jesus with agape’ love in order to obey all of His commands. He said, `If you love Me you will obey My commands’ and `No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends’. Jesus says we are His friend and brother. Our first response should be to lay down our lives for Him. It means death of the old self nature or choosing to give up all the securities of this world that we would forsake anyway if we were to die tonight.

The most difficult command to obey is to `Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things shall be added unto you’. Right now God is subtracting these worldly securities from all the nations so as to draw our attention to seeking first His kingdom. Whilst we hang on to our worldly securities we cannot enter God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus said, `He who forsaketh not all that he has cannot be My disciple’.

We are all a product of the comfortable western society church or even missions sent out from that church. In the scripture God calls us the `lukewarm church of Laodicea’. Whilst we are caught up in worldly security we are blind to this deception and do not have ears to hear the truth. When God currently finishes confiscating all our material security for a season we will gain a new mindset and think and hear His truth. An increasing remnant will be rescued from Luke warmness to be part of the kingdom church.


As we have prayed the Lord’s prayer many times in the past we have asked God to raise up His kingdom church on earth as it is in heaven. We cannot be in two kingdoms so we are saying in effect `My kingdom go and Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. So our prayers are actually being answered as God is destroying our earthly kingdom to make way for His kingdom church on earth.


As a babe in Christ I was greatly impressed by the words of past teachings such as John Wesley, William Booth and Charles Finney. Those men and others bore great fruit for God and changed the course of the history of nations. Here are some words of Charles Finney who headed some of the greatest revivals since Pentecost in the USA in the 1840’s. `Young converts should be taught that unless they have renounced the ownership of all their possessions and of themselves, and that if they have not done this they are not Christians. They should not be left to think that anything is their own: their property, influence, faculties, body and soul. `You are not your own’ (1 Cor. 6:19); they belong to God and when submitted to God they make a free surrender of all to Him, to be ruled of and disposed of at His pleasure. They have no right to spend one hour as if their time were their own; no right to go anywhere or do anything for themselves, but should hold all at the disposal of God; and employ all for the glory of God’ .Can we imagine such words on surrender being accepted in our western culture today? Jesus said `Not My will but yours Father be done’. That is what Paul described as walking in the Spirit in Galatians 5.

I believe that numbers of Christians find God’s kingdom on their death bed when they know their time is up and they have already forsaken all worldly security. My own sister entered God’s kingdom on her death bed. Four years of dementia had stripped her to nothing. She only had Jesus left to cling to as the old hymn says, `Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy Cross I cling’.


We were put here on earth to find God’s kingdom early in our lives. If we want to be part of making disciples of all nations we cannot do much if we leave it until our death bed. Jesus said `Now is the time of salvation’. We can choose to be a disciple now first knowing the cost and entering God’s kingdom. Our righteousness in this world can be like filthy rags. Entering God’s kingdom and His righteousness is entirely a work of God’s grace. All we can do is zealously desire the blessing. Our choice is the same as the choice of the rich young ruler. All of we westerners are rich even those who are on welfare.


Consider investing the rest of your life to serve the needs of the poor and needy, the sick and the maimed. Sell all that you have and invest it in the cause of God’s kingdom. There is not much time left to sell up otherwise the big one world government mega bank will confiscate it all anyway. We all are going to shortly lose our worldly security. Would it not please the Father if we were to get in first and give it for His kingdom? `The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’. It is all His anyway.


Fear will try and prevent you from forsaking your real estate and movable goods (Acts 2:45). Fear will also try and prevent you from disposing of your families’ inheritance. Just think of soon it will all be confiscated. Houses and farms will be auctioned through lack of cash to pay rates. It is exactly the same as under Russian communism-the same `spiritual committee’ with a new and greater power from God to fulfil.

There are hundreds of needy situations in our own country. The Holy Spirit is searching for hearing ears to go and attend the needs of the poor and sick ones. Overseas there is an endless cry for help. There are countless thousands of Christians who God has trained for years past in the necessary skills to help the needy especially in these testing times ahead. So many people are still trapped in the comfort zone even in retirement and leisure such as playing bowls and watching sport.


There are many positions vacant all over Australia for God’s kingdom appointments to serve the poor, the sick and needy without salary. To feed and house us is the least of God’s problems. His servant Babylon guaranteed Jeremiah his safety, welfare and needs and a free pass to wherever he chose to go. That was God’s servant serving His anointed kingdom church.


We work in our own little `third world’ scene in Central Australia. We believe that somewhere in Australia there is a person or retired couple with the necessary background and skills to run the five acre garden and small poultry farm and with the vision from God. It could be someone from a different background but with the management diversified skills to easily adapt to the lifestyle.

The people are easy to love. It is a small community but a relatively ordered community which has been free of alcohol and drug related violence. We operate through a registered charitable organisation. The challenge to be ready to feed the APY lands people through the coming sudden absence of welfare is quite a big one. In time we believe each of the eight larger communities will be able to grow their own food. We see it as a transition towards locally sufficient living which is also a challenge for the southern urban communities as well.


We feel God is calling us to help establish other gardens in other parts of the big circle called Central Australia and taking in the environs of Alice Springs and over the border into Western Australia. We also have a desire to have a healing home established for the APY lands at Kenmore. The garden could be part of the physical activity needed for health and wholeness spirit, soul and body. Ideally someone could have a background in natural health. Margaret and I will still be involved but with a little less spade work as we enter our eighties.

Where God guides He provides. We felt to communicate this need to widen the scope of the Holy Spirit. Please prayerfully consider this request and give the rest of your years for God’s kingdom.


About fifteen years ago, on our way to see our son Robert and Rhonda and family in Indonesia, Margaret and I spent a night with YWAM in Singapore. There we met a couple from the USA who had flown out to see their son who was leading the base. They were about our age and had just reached retirement and purchased an apartment in Seattle which is a popular retirement city in the USA.


Their son had talked them into doing a Crossroads DTS (a discipling school). A visiting lecturer whom they had never met said, `Some of you have planned a spot for retirement but are your plans God’s plans? They looked at each other in amazement and went into prayer about this.


That couple never shifted to Seattle but rented it out instead. They finished up on the west coast of Turkey with a much cheaper apartment overlooking the Adriatic coastline. They learned the Turkish language at 65 years old and were fulfilled in ministering the love of Jesus to the older group of Turkish senior citizens.


For generations now Satan has been able to keep the visible lukewarm church of the western world captive to blindness of truth. The major truth that has been hidden from the church is the revelation of who we are in Christ.

God created the first perfect man, Adam, in His own image. Adam walked in fellowship with God in the fullness of God’s Spirit. Then sin came along and Adam and Eve lost their fellowship with God and so began our inherited sinful nature through the bloodline of our fathers. Despite the fall from grace God allowed Adam to live for more than 900 years. Over the next three millennia God chose His people, the Jews, and put them through numerous tests to see their responses in either obeying or disobeying the prophets. God wanted to prove that men and women could love Him and worship Him despite sin and the temptations of this world. Job’s love for God would not be shaken despite attacks upon him and his household.


At His appointed time when religious Judaism had reached its darkest God sent His only begotten Son into the world to bring light into the darkness, the good news of His kingdom and agape’ love relationship with Him.

When Jesus died on that Cross and rose again triumphant, He regained the keys of the kingdom, overcame the world and defeated sin sickness and death. God could have cast Satan and his demons into the lake of fire there and then but chose to use Satan for the training and buffeting of the saints. The kingdom of this world still carried on with Satan attacking the Christian churches ever since, the principle weapon being mammon (money) worship and the spiritual blindness that hides the truth of that victory at the Cross and who we are in Christ.


Everything that was lost through Adam’s fall was restored at the Cross. That all has been imputed into our account. As we draw upon that account (impartation) we can be transformed to the likeness of Jesus having dominion over the earth. Paul calls Jesus the second or last Adam. Jesus was the second man born of God and without sin. Jesus was not of Adam’s bloodline but of the Seed of His Father God. Jesus was called by God to be His Messiah back at the beginning of time just as each of us were in the mind of God at the beginning of time.


We can readily acknowledge Jesus’ total and absolute victory over Satan and sin, sickness and death when He died on that Cross and rose again triumphant. We can now be restored to that perfection that God intended as if sin had never occurred. However, we struggle to believe that we can be changed into the exact likeness of Jesus because of manmade religious doctrines.


Paul said, `Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus’. It is a command in scripture to be like Jesus. God’s only begotten Son is our example, our mentor in every aspect of His life. Jesus said, `A disciple cannot be greater than his master but shall be as his master’. He said that He is our brother and friend. Through adoption we are also kings and priests in the royal household of God. God the Father honoured Jesus more than any other man He is King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the only doorway to the Father’s love and yet He is still our brother and friend because He said so.


Economic uncertainty has been Babylon’s major weapon lately. It stops people from spending causing thousands of businesses to fail. The public may feel a little easier now that a `bail out’ of a kind has been reached in Greece. The banks however are still very nervous. What appears to have happened is that the rich EU nations, together with the IMF and World Bank, have written off half of the Greek debt and re-written the loan on easier terms. Even so Greece will inevitably default and leave the EU and go back to the Drachma but the banks believe they will have time to protect themselves. After World War 2 Greece had nothing and people were almost starving. The continued bail outs mean a weakening of the economics of Germany and the other richer nations who will be unable to face defaults in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The evil hour for the whole Euro scene has been put off for a few months.


An economic commentator from the Sydney Morning Herald recently made a valid statement. He said the overall national debt of a nation is relative to the extent of austerity that will be necessary for the correction. There is no past precedent of the level of per capita debt. The total debt of both government and private in Australia is the highest in the world on a per capita basis. In the 1930’s Wall St stocks lost 92% of their value and 40% of the population lost all that they had. One cannot compare the debt level of the 1930’s with today. The austerity measures of the 30’s will be just mild as compared with what is coming. I believe the only safe planning is to live without money and be locally sustainable. We have been telling the Kenmore aboriginal people this for years now.

The posting out of the May newsletter was delayed as I had an unexpected dream to go to the UK for a month to encourage prayer groups re the coming Euro disaster. The trip highlights were a blessed meeting with the big YWAM base at Harpenden about forty minutes train ride north of London and some wonderful fellowship with a YWAM house of East London and their outreach to Pakistan .I also had some precious meetings with some groups at Southampton, Sussex and near Portsmouth. The message is in August newsletter attached on our website.


When Peter heard Jesus tell the rich young ruler to go and sell all that he had and given it to the poor he reasoned in his mind when he said, `Who then Lord can be saved? To Peter it seemed impossible to believe that even a poor or middle class person would be able to give everything away. Jesus said, `With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible’.

Peter had experienced total forsaking surrender. He was Kingdom bound but had never known of a great revival when through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and with fire, God does the impossible. As Peter left his nets he was called by the draw of agape’ love from Jesus to surrender his life to Jesus. He became a disciple at that point and even though he still had to battle with a wicked self-nature which was to be through death at Pentecost.


The religious darkness of the Jews in Judea was such that even after 3 ½ years of Jesus’ ministry He only made 120 disciples. He said few there that be that find it. Even that number was a miracle but that remnant, coupled up with the prayers of the saints was all that was needed to usher in the great former rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit and with fire at Pentecost. God did His perfect will as all things were possible after Pentecost. There were `few be that did not find it’.


The current darkness among the `Christians’ of the Western world and sections of the developing world has reached the limit of God’s tolerance. Revelation 18:5 says `For the sins (Babylon) have reached high unto heaven’. Greed and the worship of money (mammon) have caused the church to degenerate into luke warmness and the condition of our society depicts its condition. For the first time in history all the nations to the four corners of the earth are on their knees financially. The Third world has known this state of brokenness for generations. We are near the end of `World War 3’ which has been economic deception for the past thirty years. There has also been an outpouring of the filth of Babylon where on the surface we have appeared to have lost the great Christian heritage of our forefathers. We urge you to read the `Vision of Jeremiah’ on our website


It takes total forsaking surrender and brokenness to become a disciple. This is exactly what God is doing to the nations. He is taking away our money and worldly security and even our safety to get our attention. I saw the results of these things occuring just ten years ago in Argentina. As worldly security disappeared a new mindset quickly came to the people. Christians could hear what `the Spirit is saying to the churches’. It was a great lesson to me to observe where all nations are being taken in a short time. A surprising number of government staff were keeping the health, education, communication and protection going without pay and being fed by the people through a barter programme.


The prolonged uncertainty of the Euro is an effective weapon of God’s servant Babylon. It stops many people from spending and its breaking small businesses by the tens of thousands. Money saving methods such as `online’ shopping is also causing a headache to retailers.


One can easily see the end coming to the Euro. The word `contagion’ is really the domino collapse of the banks. When Greece falls so will Spain and Italy. Britain declares it cannot survive a collapse of Spain as its exposure is too great. It is just a matter of time (perhaps by Christmas 2012) that the bank collapse will happen and the world currency will be set up with dictatorship rule over all nations.

The more you study the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel the more you will clearly see where we are going. It may be a short period of seventy years under economic captivity for the West. I can see us `shaping up’ to exchange places with the Third world for a season.


An economic commentator for the Sydney Morning Herald said recently that the extent of austerity that the nations will have to endure will be in direct proportion to their capita debt. Australia recently reached $6,500 per head of population of government debt. Our private debt is more than the government debt. The total is infinitely greater than the debt of the 1930 depression when 40% of the population lost all that they had. We can see money becoming absolutely worthless. It will mean locally sustainable living which would be easier in country areas than in the big cities. No one would want to even read about such pain.


The bottom line of our security is our personal safety and not our real estate. Law and order will collapse as government spending winds down to nothing. Think of no money to pay for electricity and water let alone sewer and council rates. These providers of infrastructure are not charitable organisations. All supplies will be cut off. There will be an exodus of `refugees’ flee to adjacent country areas. What a challenge to the small farming communities. We will see the end of private ownership worldwide. Unpaid council rates will mean auction with no bidders if the homes have not been vandalised or burned down.


In the past thirty years the devil has established enough footholds through immorality, drugs etc to cause much needless pain to the nations. An example in history was the French Revolution with thousands of heads guillotined off on one side of the Channel as compared to a praying remnant in England bringing a great revival to change a nation. This is exactly our challenge for today. We need a strong praying remnant that have chosen to be disciples of Jesus and go the whole way with Him. Our prayers can only be as effective as our surrender.


I strongly believe that we are leading up to the great latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The breaking down of the nations that we are seeing is the beginning of God’s great commission to go and make disciples of every nation.

This is a greater release of Holy Spirit power than we have ever seen or heard of before. The nations of the world have been held captive since the tower of Babel. The demons behind ethnic conflicts are causing enormous human suffering- particularly in old cultures. Our present understanding of spiritual warfare does not accommodate having victory over such powers on a worldwide scale. God still requires His Kingdom church which is the Bride without spot and blemish, or the Holy Spirit as Wesley would say, to go and make disciples of every nation.


The scriptures declare that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. The great power waiting to fulfil the great commission is there awaiting right now. It is the prayers of the saints. They overcome death and are waiting for their spiritual bodies but are active in prayer and intercession for the nations. However they need to `team up’ with the effective fervent prayers of the righteous Kingdom Christians here with bodies and souls in order to impement that great power.


As Paul went out with the good news of the Kingdom, sometimes on his own, he stated that he was aware of a great cloud of witnesses that were supporting him in prayer. He was the remnant from with the power from above. Some 1900 years later there would be hundreds more of such `clouds of witnesses’ waiting to take part in the great commission.


We cannot comprehend how many souls have entered God’s Kingdom. It was Jewish thinking that a person could be dead for up to three days before the spirit leaves the body. That is why Lazarus was dead four days to make it a miracle for the Jews. In the parable of the hired servant `knock off’ time is when the spirit leaves the body. How many souls cry out just before that time? Jesus said, `Whoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. We could be surprised to find the immense number who entered God’s Kingdom. A few seeds planted at Sunday School can bear fruit. It is the Father’s will that none should perish. Jesus even visited the deceased spirits of those lost in Noah’s flood- those who never had the chance of hearing the good news. Remember Jesus said, `The things that I do shall you do also’. Perhaps the faithful saints are doing that also. Remember also that the lukewarm church of Laodicea has largely only heard an easy gospel and not the one with the cost of surrender that Jesus taught. They too have not had the opportunity of hearing the good news. Just as a praying remnant saved England (the UK) from needless pain in Wesley’s time so we can spare our nations today.

Nebuchadnezzar was known to be one of the cruellest kings in history. The Jews feared him greatly. However Jeremiah, who represents the Kingdom church, knew by revelation that Nebuchadnezzar was God’s servant sent for the good of the Jews. It was Babylon’s captain at Jerusalem that rescued Jeremiah from death in the dungeon and guaranteed his freedom, safety, welfare and a free passage to wherever he chose to go. It was God’s servant caring for God’s anointed. Even though the spirit of Babylon means Satan and his demon hosts, he was God’s servant. It speaks of a great victory at the Cross. Even in Job’s time Satan had to obtain permission from God to chastise him.

A great verse in the Bible is `Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you’. The Kingdom church is guaranteed everything needed in this world quite irrespective of a money crash. Those who do not seek first the kingdom will be taken into economic captivity for a season (seventy years) in order to create a new mindset of security in their God. Russia was seventy years captive to communism and China has six years to go and already has the greatest powerhouse of prayer in the world. I believe that China is being `groomed up’ to be the `King Cyrus’ who will liberate the Third world.

The wealthy merchants of Babylon are an unknown number of super-rich family consortiums in a counterfeit unity. They channel funds via the IMF, World Bank and China and do not disclose their identities. They have no desire for a bomb on their verandah. They keep loaning more and more money to the rich nations to prop up the IMF and World Bank/. When Babylon has completed God’s mission to confiscate the wealth of the nations and destroy the religious (visible) churches, God then causes them to lose all of their wealth in an hour and they are humbled and eventually won for God’s Kingdom. Greed blinds the rich producers to the fact that they cannot prosper without a prosperous consumer. Without world trade money becomes worthless.

God’s praying remnant is like an army analogy.

`Like a mighty army moves the church of God

Brothers we are treading where the saints have trod

We are not divided all one body we

One in faith and doctrine, one in charity (agape’ love)

Paul says, `A good soldier for Christ must first be disentangled with the affairs of this world so that he might please the one who enlisted him’. God is calling a remnant to enlist right now.


We have discussed the spiritual preparation so that we can spare our nations the needless pain of much loss of life. We must not overlook the many nations that are currently suffering much bloodshed. Think of Syria and other Middle East nations and the continued suffering of African, Asian and Latin American nations. What an exciting outreach it would be for a holy remnant to set up camp among the border refugees of Syria. Think how God would be glorified to see those principality demons cast down over those nation and a great revival among the refugees. All that stands in the way of this happening is our total forsaking surrender. That mighty power of God in His `cloud of witnesses is waiting for the effective fervent prayers of the saints down here.


Wherever you live and you feel you are meant to be there, God has a strategy of preparation to be ready to feed people in his coming crisis. To change from our present comfortable lifestyle to locally sustainable living without money will be a massive shock to our system. Farmers adjacent to big cities will have a special role to play in getting emergency supplies of food to the cities. It will take a few months before backyard and community gardens can be established and producing vegetables. To bridge the crisis will be the challenge. We must expect the blessing and multiplying of food.

Preparation is much easier now than to leave it for later. You may notice on our website that there is the design of a wood fired gas producer which was used to save Australia during World War 2. There are many excellent workshops around that would be of no use without standby power. A gas producer fired alternator can be built now to be ready to equip more workshops. There are usually plenty of dry sticks in country areas to bridge the crisis. The methods of strategy will vary according to availability of natural resources. Even rain water catchment alone can feed a household with deep mulching or hydroponics.


As a new Christian I was curious to know what God meant in Matthew 7 with the parable of the house on the sand. Jesus said he who hears My words and does not do them is like unto the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. When the storms came the house fell and great was the fall thereof. I said, `Lord why is the church still around? I believe His reply was `because they have not heard my words’. In other words they have been deceived in hearing another easy gospel and have by no means been `written off’ as regards to entering the Kingdom. I shudder to think of the fate of those who have heard the true gospel of the Kingdom and not obeyed.


In reading the letter to the lukewarm church in Rev. 3:14 it appears that God has a great compassion for the hopelessly deceived luke warmers. Jesus offers them eye salve so that they can see their wretched state; also robes of fine linen (Righteousness) and gold refined in fire (treasures in heaven). He also said, `To those He loves, He rebukes and chastens’. He calls His Luke warmers to be zealous and repent and then knocks at the door to invite them into `the banquet’. In other words God causes the Luke warmers to become poor and needy and then they are all eligible for the banquet.


We will be blessed with understanding when we discern the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 11:29). The analogy of the body is clear. When we enter the body by the mouth digestion commences and we start losing our identity. As we enter the stomach the digestion is completed and in conjunction with the upper bowel, that which is good passes into the bloodstream and that which is good passes from the body. The blood is the life of the body which is `entering God’s Kingdom.


If however anything toxic enters the stomach we have an inbuilt protection to spew it up and out of our mouth. The good food and the toxic are spewed out together until we eat the next meal. The toxic parts in this analogy are the old self-nature which is the wickedness through the power of sin coming through the blood line of our earthly fathers from fallen Adam. It means the end of our `filthy rags’ which includes even our `good deeds’ as well as our sins. The spewing out happens as our worldly securities suddenly disappear. It will be God’s `surprise attack’ on the worldwide god of mammon. The outpouring of `eye salve’ from Jesus will establish a new mindset which will hunger and thirst for the good news of the Kingdom. Death of self will take place as the old bloodline is cut off and we are born of God into His nature and character.

In the process of conquering sin at the Cross Jesus suffered the brief agony of separation from His Father God and so it will be with the lukewarm church as it is spewed outside of the Body for a brief period. The result will be a hatred of sin and a desperate desire to re-enter the Body and the blood stream for an eternal agape’ relationship with our Father God. What a glorious conclusion for the lukewarm church as the great heritage of our forefathers is raised up again.


In our first love encounter God so readily encouraged us with answered prayer. Our faith grew in leaps and bounds through those answered prayers. As those memories are now years or decades away it seems to be a greater struggle to get quick answers. The trials and struggles out in that world are all necessary for our growth towards the ultimate place of prayer of the righteous in James 5:16. That is the prayer that will cast down the principalities and powers of darkness that held nations captive. We must not be content with any lesser goal than that


There is no easy road or armchair rides into God’s Kingdom. Some may say `I have done it all by faith brother’. That is OK to acknowledge what God has `imputed’ into your account but the `importation’ is evidenced by the fruit. Jacob had a thorough `gutful’ of his old deceived self-nature so he wrestled all night with the angel for the blessing. Then his name and nature were transformed as he met God face to face. He was a new creation. When we have entered God’s Kingdom souls will be saved just by our very presence. Demons will flee from your town or locality. Pentecost was a mighty surprise attack upon the enemy’s Kingdom. It was an appointed time like the latter rain that we are leading up to. Christians are entering God’s Kingdom in the Third world before the Western world which is understandable. There is no place for the old self-nature in God’s kingdom. A respected teacher said, `The death of the old Jacob in us is the entrance exam to God’s Kingdom.


A great verse on effective prayer in 2 Chron. 7:14 (If My people) when we turn from our wicked ways (death of self) God promises to hear from heaven and heal our land. That means the prayer of James 5:16. The Kingdom church will be evidence by Psalm 91 as we enter the `secret place of the most high’. No sickness will come near our dwelling and no harm shall come upon us even though thousands may fall by our side.

The most encouraging aspect of prayer is that it only takes a remnant of effective prayers of James 5:16 power to change the course of a nation. If you know that you are totally surrendered regardless of the cost-even unto death- then you know that you are `Kingdom bound’. Then you will see evidence in your answered prayers even if you have not entered God’s Kingdom.