Victory Road

Victory Road

"Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way that leads unto life "

We all have a choice to direct our lives down one of two roads. The one which we are all familiar is the easy road which is wide and straight.. It is the way of this world and it leads to destruction and death. With the terrible gloom and doom confronting the nations of the world at present, many are realising that the easy worldly road brings fear and despair. Deep down we have a gut feeling that there must be a better road with hope and security in this life. Surely we were created and put here on earth for something better than all the fear destruction and death that we see today.

Yes there is a better road but it is narrow with many twists and turns and it is rough and rocky in places. It is a road that is full of challenges, tests and trials and even persecutions which are needed to bring maturity in our lives. It is our only road to victory.

Our lives are like a motor car. Maybe up to this point you have been in the driver’s seat with full control. Looking back your car has been to many places where it has failed. Some have met with disaster. Some may have enjoyed middle class comfort and now realise that it could all be lost overnight. It often takes disaster to awaken us to the fact that there is another road to a victorious life.


We can choose the victory road but we cannot venture on our own. We need Jesus Christ in the driver’s seat. We must be in the passenger seat with Him at the wheel to get through victory road which takes us into His Kingdom. Only Jesus can deliver us from the kingdom pf this world (darkness) and into the Kingdom of God and His glorious light. Jesus is the only way to negotiate victory road. Every person on this earth has an equal right to enter His Kingdom. It just means total and unconditional surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and appointing Him to the `driver’s seat’ in our lives.


Real security in this life is not in earthly success and possessions. We all have to lose all of that in this short stay on earth. God planned a greater security which is an everlasting relationship with Him- a personal love relationship called `agape’ love which is a heart to heart or spirit to spirit relationship. It is greater than any friendship love (filio). Agape love relationship is a blessing by the grace of God which comes through total surrender to Him. Once you have tasted that `agape’ love in your first love encounter with Jesus God will give you such an appetite for His Kingdom and that constant love security in your life, that it will literally take you along the victory road with Jesus at the wheel. You will have the assurance of entering His Kingdom. No tests or trials will deter you from reaching the Kingdom goal in life.


Jesus said in Matthew 7:14, `Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are few who find it’. He also said in Matthew 6:33, `But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you’ (earthly needs). As we see the signs of our earthly possessions being taken away, could God be drawing our attention to seek first His Kingdom?


God is raising up His worldwide Kingdom church (Bride). It is not a religion but a relationship. It has no name identity. It has no buildings but is made up of people of every race, ethnic grouping or religious background. Its only identity is agape love relationship. Jesus said that by this love shall all men know that you are My disciples (John 13:35).

It is God’s purpose that none should perish and that all should discover His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. (The Lord’s Prayer- Matthew 6:10). It is a tragic thing that anyone would pass from this life without discovering God’s Kingdom. It was the purpose behind every person that He created. The beautiful part is that every person on earth has access to cry out to Jesus and surrender to Him. He desires to bless you and train you to be one of His disciples. He desires that you discover agape love relationship with Him.


Jesus said, `Whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved’ (from death and destruction). Those who are known as Christians have no exclusive rights to Jesus. In fact the vast majority of Christians in the Western world have become victims of an easy gospel teaching. The worship of money and possessions has caused the church of today to become  lukewarm with little power that the church of their forefathers had over one hundred years ago. The poorer Third World countries will most likely find the Kingdom before the Western nations. God has to reduce the rich Western nations to poverty before He can re-establish His Kingdom church.